The Special Olympics of Entertainment! The Green Tortoise showcase has some of the best acts that will work for a single beer. The show is outrageus and contageus. But wait! There is more! The Open Mike part of the show comes after the Showcase. If you ever wanted to be a real live Seattle Rock star (like Kurt Cobain but without the shotgun) this is the show for you. You can only perform at the Green Tortoise Open Mike if you are staying at the hostel! The Green Tortoise open mike has discovered many of the top acts in the Seattle Area and exploited them for all they are worth. We would like to do the same for you. If you win the open mike part of the show (the most prestigous prize in hosteling) you get a free (you pay nothing) night at the fabulous Green Tortoise Hostel. You pay nothing! We give you a dorm bed (occupany 1) bed to call your own and we give you full access to the deck, common area, smoking room and we even throw in the kitchen.



Hosted by Michael Long

Michael Long is the author of one book, Obscured Dead Celebrities, an obscure humor site, Mike's Zine and a variety of pipe dreams. He was recently voted the prettiest boy in the third grade for the twentieth consequtive year. Mike is an open mike hosting machine, that runs on Carlo Rossi and can sometimes think of something funny to say between acts. Sometimes he can't.

you can buy his Book at Mike's Zine.

emery carl  

Sponsored by The Troubador Show and MR. E

Emery Carl is a Seattle busquing legend and master hoola hooper. He also plays guitar and harmonica along with running his own record label. Mr. E records is the only place to go if you want the sites sounds and smells of a real seattle busquer performance. After buying a case of Milwaukee's Best Mr. E records became the official sponsor of the Green Tortoise open mike until someone buys us much more beer.

you can buy his CD at

zach michaed  

Zach Michaud

Zach is the hardest man in soft rock and he proves it every week at the Green Tortoise. Zach is a hell of a nice guy and a great singer-song writer who is inspired by ex girlfriends and bad luck. Zach will sign a big record deal any day but until then he will be playing the Green Tortoise.


you can buy his CD at

tommy deawn  

Tommy Dean

Tommy Dean is a future folk music legend who occupies the smoking room and several past lives in his spare time. Tommy plays guitar and harmonica, the blues, folk music, american roots, and everything in between.

nathan reed  

The Amazing Nathan Reed

A beat box, poet, actor and dancing monkey at times and overall tortoisie kind of guy. Nathan creates a swirling artistic performance that is both unparalleled and unique. He is a microphone fiend that makes it all up as he goes along and always has something that you never saw before.

the king  

The King - the Fuzzy Knuckle Jamboree Side Show and Moving Company

The only circus side show that can move your house and your booty. The side show has daring acts of danger and daring, a dancing monkey, a great beat, elvis songs, tasers, shards of glass and an uplifting punk rock message.

scatters the monkey  

Scatters The Dancing Monkey

Elvis's Monkey or something I can't remember now. Google it if you really want to know.